• A. Consultation
    We get to know and our clients, and their requirements, right from the beginning of the project. We do this though a one to one consultation in order to get a clear understanding of our client.
  • B. Design Outline
    Once we know our clients' unique requirements we can feed this into the designs. We like to sketch the designs on paper in order to craft a bespoke design.
  • C. Architecture, Initial Design & Approvals
    Considering the site's structure and spatial configuration, our design team will draw up proposed 2D scaled spatial CAD layouts as well as preliminary furniture plans which we will present to you for initial consideration. Thereafter we will investigate the feasibility of the proposals with any necessary third parties such as local authority planning departments.
  • D. Detailed Design
    When we are content that the 2D design matches the brief we then progress to the 3D design, using CAD. This allows us to further refine the design to fit the space.
  • E. Tender Preparation
    At this stage, we prepare and complete all information and arrangements in order to obtain the tender.
  • F. Tender Action
    Once any issues have been addressed and we accept the tender we can initiate the next stage of the process.
  • G. Construction
    Once our team is briefed on the scope of the project we can undertake the work on site.
  • H. Project Management
    Whilst the work is taking place we maintain communication with our clients in order to keep them informed on the project progress.
  • I. Post-Construction Services
    We provide support after the construction phase has finished in order to ensure that our clients are satisfied and to answer any questions or issues.